Let Go Of What Weighs You Down: If You Thought I Was Talking About A Relationship Or Job. You’re Wrong!

Letting Go Of What Weighs You Down: If You Thought I Was Talking About A Relationship Or Job. You’re Wrong “- Ashleigh Caoni

For a twenty-six year old woman I will say I have not experienced everything but I have experienced enough. This topic is pretty board but is often brushed off to the side. Most people have an attitude of “I got this; I’ll figure it out but on my own time”. Letting go of what weighs you down doesn’t necessarily mean we’re talking about a relationship or a job! And I bet you were thinking that this blog post was just about those topics. The board ones! Wheww! Glad we can actually get into something much deeper.

Here’s 5 Steps To Letting Go Of What Weighs You Down:

1. Could simply mean your accustomed way of thinking. If you’re ever stuck in a situation that feels like a never ending cycle, the first thing we should do is stop and examine is our thought process. But hey, that’s not what most of us do honestly. If we’re being real, even I struggle sometimes with this. Sometimes we have to sit down and re-evaluate ourselves and what is causing us to stay in the same situation.

“If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”

2. Your past failures is another common situation that weighs us down. There is no one on this earth that is completely perfect, that has NEVER made a mistake. But wait I just lied to you. There is a person You know who that person is? ME, Yeah right! I bet you laughed at that. Yes, I make mistakes. Yes, I screw things up but that is the beauty of it. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be. We make mistakes we learn from them (hopefully) and move on! The lesson should never be forgotten but the failure itself should not continue to weigh you down. Failures weigh heavy if you dwell on them. Lessons should lift you up and make you want to make room for growth. Realizing that you’ve done everything you could of and that’s the end of it.

3. Mhmm, You knew it was coming you know them habits you love but come on sis. You know they do you no good. Let’s face it we all participate in stuff that we shouldn’t. We know it’s not good for the soul but we do it anyway. Why?! They bring you happiness.. but for the moment. You have to realize that you want long term satisfaction not just temporarily. Later you most likely will pay for it. Get rid of those bad habits slowly.

“Man what was I thinking?! Not again! Damn, Damn, Dayummmm!”

4. Shoot, this next one might just be for me. The need to constantly be moving, constantly be doing.. Yeah, this one is for me definitely! I’d be a hypocrite to tell you this and not attempt to take my own advice! Trust me I am working on it as well. Truth is, we all need those days where we just sit around and not do anything. These are called “Lazy Days”. If your anything like me I feel like I don’t give my mind/body the time it needs to actually rest unless I’m sleeping. Sometimes you need to take a breather and do nothing more than is minimally required to be considered alive. If you feel the need to do anything make sure you pamper yourself. Pamper yourself with a bubble bath, get some fresh air even if it sitting outside on your porch. Even this can be included while your sitting outside like reading a book or listening to music!

“Yesterday I did nothing and today I’m finishing what I did yesterday.” And make sure your in cozy clothes —-> as long as it’s your day off!

5. Just do it. Like Nike said! Ha, yeah my jokes are corny. Real life corny. (Probably made you laugh a little bit though) Your pointless fears. Yes, get rid of them. Well the necessary ones that can hurt you of course but you already know that. Take that job, date that person, move to the city that you’ve been wanting to even if this means leaving everyone. Do the things that scare the shit out of you.

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