Women Of Worth

“Women Of Worth” – Ashleigh Caoni

Let’s be real the topic “Women Of Worth” wasn’t easy. I started to question my own self.

  • Am I worthy?
  • Am I a strong woman and what it means to be one?
  • Do I live up to society’s expectations on being a woman of worth?
  • Do I care more about what others think of me than I do of myself?
  • Do I Seek love, appreciation and approval from others instead of finding them within?

I literally had all these questions racing through my head without sitting down to even define the meaning of worth. What is worth? I’ve come to the conclusion that worth resorts back to practicing self-love.

  1. Learning how to stop comparing yourself to others
  2. Stop giving the people the power to come into your life with negative opinions.
  3. Allowing yourself to make some sort of mistakes in life in order to grow stronger and BETTER!
  4. Trusting yourself to make your own decisions instead of having someone else make them for you.

The person that matters to you the most should be yourself and people might be offended by what I just stated. The person that matters the most should be yourself. WHY? It’s plain and simple… if you don’t take care of yourself then how are you going to be good for others around you. Earlier I stated you shouldn’t worry about what others think of you and what kind of opinions people have about you but why be would you want to be around someone else not well kept? Well kept meaning showing yourself love and spreading it to others!

“The Good Energy”

Practice creating high quality thoughts! Never telling yourself that your not good enough in any situation no matter how tough it is. Give yourself a pep talk on how much of a “Bad Ass” you are and then some sis! You hear me? This goes a long way because we teach others how to treat us by showing them how we treat ourselves. So treat yourself well by showing yourself respect, love, and kindness of course.